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Practice, but no pressure!
No experience necessary.
No memorization required.


It's time for the
Silver Foxes Halloween Show!

October 27 at 2:00 PM; WRCT Auditorium
Tickets: $7; all seats reserved

Collette, the ditzy but sneaky maid, finds the wealthy Reginald Bascombe III dead at his desk with a knife in his back. Coincidentally, Pete Cannon, the meanest, roughest, toughest ace private eye, ear, and nose — throat comes extra — in the business, appears just as Bertram the butler discovers that all the phone cords have been cut. A caricature of every 1940s tough-guy gumshoe to ever grace the pages of a dime novel, the bumbling detective is surprised to discover con artist Toots Doll Monahan on the scene masquerading as Reginald’s personal secretary. With a heart of gold and a soft spot for Pete, they discover they make a pretty good team paired up to solve the mystery.  

Granny Ghoul, her three daughters, Belle, Minnie, and Pearl, and granddaughter Ada Mae are facing the probability of eviction from their swamp cabin.  They are past due on their mortgage and the landlord, Lawyer Fleasom, has given them until midnight to come up with the money or they will be relegated to the swamp.  Granny has an idea to solve the problem by marrying one of her daughters off to Lawyer Fleasom.  But, Lawyer Fleasom, has his eye set on Ada Mae.  With the help of the Preacher and Professor Barker of the Barker Brothers Circus, Fleasom plans to marry Ada Mae and remove Granny Ghoul and her daughters from the swamp.  The ensuing plotting and scheming creates funny and surprising results.


Click here to watch a video about the Silver Foxes.

In addition to our Studio productions, we also go out into the community and bring theatre to clubs, churches,
service organizations and senior living facilities. For details call 715-421-0435.

Interested? Please come.

We have a lot of fun!

This group meets on the
1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month
at 1:00 PM in the WRCT Studio Theatre.

WRCT Studio Theatre
Rapids Mall
220 3rd Ave. S.
Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54495