Third place finisher at the 2013 American Association of Community Theatre National Festival with our production of Cradle and All

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by Mike Barrett

I think it's timely to write a few notes today. We are currently auditioning actors to play five roles in Baskerville, our first show of our forty-fifth season. It occurred to me as I sat watching some hilarious and surprisingly talented people I had never seen before that there were not only these exciting new folks coming in, but that there were also four current and former main stage directors of nearly thirty shows in attendance!

The Director of Baskerville, Susan Edgren took some of that experience and put it to good use last night. For my part, she asked me to run some lines with the majority of the auditioning actors, and we went backstage to see who could speak in different accents; Irish, Swedish, German, Brit, Castilian, Cockney, etc. Many of them did some surprisingly accurate accents, some struggled, no one judged, we had a ball! It was a treat to "play" with the dozen or so last night, and it looks like we have some real talent to choose from, always a director's dream (or nightmare).

She will have more to audition tonight I hear, I regret I can't be there because of work commitments. More laughs, weird accents, physical comedy and the excitement of meeting new people all in one place is always the charm of open auditions, and soon we will see a cast list for our newest play. The season begins!

Mike Barrett

Michael Barrett serves on the WRCT Board of Directors

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