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WRCT and McMillan Library are pleased to announce their Stream Together Series, bringing our community together every Friday to YouTube National Theatre Live's production of award-winning theatre productions. #WRCW
Click the Stream Together button to link directly to the show! 6:30 April 3, 2020

WRCT is bringing our After Hours series into your living room! Enjoy these jazz takes on Cabaret favorites as a thank you for your continued support during these trying times.

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2019-2020 Season


Sept.27-29 & Oct.3-6, 2019


Dec. 6-8 & 12-15, 2019


Feb. 14-16 & 20-23

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May 8-10 & 14-17

Support WRCT

WRCT is committed to providing productions that captivate audiences. We strive to maintain affordable ticket prices, making live theatre accessible to our entire community.  


WRCT is fortunate to be a community theatre run by full time, careered, theatre and business practitioners, along side our core participants and volunteers. This means we have the luxury of providing full training to brand-new volunteers. We work alongside you, supporting whatever you need, so you never feel overwhelmed. You are encouraged to step forward to tackle something you are interested in, without already having experience.  

An Actor Prepares

Auditions are open for all! Experienced actors are regularly joined on the WRCT stage by those who have never performed before. 

Backstage Techies

No show is possible without those working behind the curtain. Try your hand at lighting, sound, or set design. Or contribute to costumes, hair, 

make-up, and props. 

Our Very Own Venue

Owning our own theatre affords us many opportunities but it also includes massive upkeep. Help with set-up, general cleaning, and maintenance is always appreciated.

Final Notes

Directors are needed at the helm of every show. We support directors to choose their own material and encourage submissions to our 

MainStage season. 

Cast Camraderie

I enjoy so many aspects of being involved in WRCT!   From acting to working the concessions area!  I love working with these people!

-Deb Ciszewski

Join in the drama

WRCT is a nonprofit organization dependent on contributions, sponsorships, and grants. The proceeds from ticket sales cover only a small portion of our expenses, which means we rely on the generosity of our patrons to continue bringing quality, live, theatre to the Wisconsin Rapids area.

You can help us in a variety of ways

We would certainly appreciate a monetary contribution to the general overhead of WRCT .

You can also specify how your donation should be used toward the costs of our facilities, productions, or specific items. 


$5-24 Provides a specialized prop

$25-49 Provides a costume

$50-100 Runs lighting for 1 show

$101-499 Purchases the rights to
       a single night's performance

$501-$1,000 Builds, paints, and
       decorates a set

Spring cleaning or down-sizing? WRCT is always looking for new items. We have room for furniture, vintage clothing, and vintage decor that are in good shape, particularly things from a different era.

For donations call 715-421-0435 during our business hours. 


Hearing Assist Devices:


Pulley System:       


LED theatre lighting:


Smart/moving lights: 

Motorized Curtain pulley:


Your business can be proud to support a nonprofit, art organization in your community. WRCT offers many sponsorship levels. Contributing with an ad in our program guarantees  thousands of new eyes for your  

business or as a commemoration in memory of a loved one.

Wisconsin Rapids Community Theatre
220 3rd Avenue South
Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54495


Office Hours: Tues-Fri 10:00 am- 2:00 pm
                        or by appointment


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