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March 11 and 12
6:30 PM
WRCT Auditorium

If you choose you may download the audition form and complete it ahead of auditions.

May 3, 4, 9, 10, & 11 at 7:00 PM;
May 11at 2:00 PM (Matinee)


Rumors is an enjoyable romp that has been staged countless times all over the country. Four couples arrive at the townhouse of a deputy New York City mayor and his wife, to attend a dinner party celebrating the 10th wedding anniversary of Charlie and Myra Brock.


However, things go topsy-turvy when the couples arrive and discover that the hostess, cook, and butler are missing. The host is left alone, with a messy flesh wound after shooting himself in the head. Comedic complications arise when, given everyone's upper-class status, they decide they need to do everything possible to conceal the evenings' events from the local police and the media.

Christine Sullivan

Director Christine Sullivan

Description of Roles:


This play is a typical fast-paced farce, written with a witty, sarcastic, tongue-in-cheek humor that taps into our human propensity to speculate, gossip, and dramatize life events we often don’t truly understand. Punctuation, enunciation and timing of line delivery is what will make this show hilarious.

  • Because the blocking reflects a fast-paced dialogue with physical comedy, it requires a good range of movement from the actors.

  • Due to the adult inferences of this play, we believe it more appropriate for actors over the age of 18.

Cast of Characters:

Ken Gorman: (Large role)

Ken is Chris' husband. He is a wealthy, but by no means pretentious, well-spoken lawyer, Ken is

Charley's attorney and friend. While drawn a little outside of his comfort zone he attempts to take charge of a very dicey and baffling situation, until he too is involved in a gun accident that leaves him hearing impaired for a good part of the show.


Chris Gorman: (Large role)

Chris is Ken's sophisticated, elegant wife who is also a lawyer. She is practical, realistic, and typically approaches problems with common sense; however, she is thrown a bit off by the situation. Chris has recently quit smoking, so to take the edge off she has a few too many vodka martinis and becomes slightly drunk and falls.

Claire Ganz: (Large role)

Claire is Lenny's society wife. She is very concerned with appearances (hers and others'). She is smart-mouthed, loves to point out the obvious, has a witty sense of humor, and appears amused by everything going on. Claire starts the play with a swollen lip and loves to gossip.


Lenny Ganz: (Large role)

Lenny is Claire's husband. He is a wealthy accountant (Charley's accountant), distraught over the recent destruction of his new car. He starts the show with an extreme case of whiplash. Lenny is intolerant of the gossipy life style he is often involved in. In spite of his flair for the dramatic and his tendency to be bossy, Lenny is likeable.

Ernie Cusack: (Medium role)

Ernie is a psychiatrist. He is affable and attentive to his wife Cookie, whom he loves very much. Ernie tries to helpful in the kitchen, and to be the voice of reason in this complicated and confusing situation.

Cookie Cusack: (Medium role)

Cookie is Ernie's doting wife. She is a flamboyant, eccentric host of her own cooking show who is a bit absent minded at times. She suffers from extreme back spasms that leave her crawling on and off stage.


Glenn Cooper: (Medium role)

Glenn is married to Cassie. He is a polished man running for State Senate, who worries about his own reputation. He is pompous, cool, and distant. Glenn struggles with placating his wife, who is convinced he is having an affair (which he may or may not be having).

Cassie Cooper: (Medium role)

Cassie is Glenn's trophy wife. She is insecure, needy, jealous, and a little nuts. Cassie is a believer in the healing power of crystals. She obsesses over her husband's relationships with other women, and cooks up a surprise for him that sets the others on edge.

Officer Welch: (Supporting role)

Welch is a no nonsense, straight-talking city police officer who is having a rough night and is looking forward to getting home to the family. Welch does not tolerate lying, and sees through the "classy" façade that these high-society types put up.


Officer Pudney: (Supporting role)

Pudney is Welch's strong, silent-type partner.


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