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Performer on Stage

Director's Workshop

Designed to offer experienced directors new methodologies and exercises and give new directors the tools needed to jump into their own productions, this is an event for all.   

Participants will walk through the entire production process on the first day, and are invited to fully direct their own short play on stage for the second day, receiving hands on training and immediate feedback. 

Participants will learn the ins and outs of directing for the community theatre stage and leave with a digital/paper toolkit including useful documents that prepare anyone for a smooth production process. 

Intensive Includes:

· Director’s Handbook: Toolkit of useful documents 

· Audition Methods: To call-back or not to call-back

· Rehearsal Scheduling: Varied approaches 

· Rhythm/Tempo: Leading your audience 

· Tech week: Looking with a new set of eyes

· Musicals: How to attack 3 shows in 1

· Talking Tech: Communicating your needs with tech designers

For more details, call 715-421-0435. 

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