"Al Was Right" Audition Instructions

Thank you for your interest in auditioning for “Al Was Right" with live performances on May 21, 22, and 23.

You can audition live at WRCT March 29 at 6:30pm or by video submission. 

Please see the audition sides attached by PDF document and the description of the sections of those sides that will be used for live and video submissions. Video submissions should be no longer than two minutes.


Also, please see the audition form attached by fillable PDF document.

Email audition forms and video submissions to both:  /

Audition Sides:

Pages 5, 6, and 7: (General, Bruce and Dwayne) from beginning until "Dolce on the rocks!"

Page 8: (Dolce, Dwayne, General) from Dwayne ~ "general, here is..." to Dolce ~ "I only joke about my nails"

Page 16 to Page 17: (General, Dolce, Bruce, Dwayne) from Dolce ~ "I think I have an idea" to Dolce ~ "Con suficiente..."

Page 23 to Page 24: (Prisoner, Bruce, Dwayne) from Bruce ~ "En un momento..." to Dwayne ~ "Did anyone..."

Page 27 to Page 28: (Prisoner, Dwayne) from Dwayne ~ "I think you're going to be safe" to Prisoner ~ "This has all been for nothing?"

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