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WRCT 50 years

Our Summer 2024 HOPO Production:

It's a Madhouse!

It's a Madhouse

*What is HOPO?

HOPO Productions gets it's name from it's two founders; Stephanie Hoerth and Gretchen Powers. They created HOPO to add an additional youth production, to be rehearsed and performed after the WRCT Youth Production.


Best-selling mystery author Byron Pembroke is dead.  Soon after, his highly dysfunctional family gathers on a dark and stormy evening for the reading of the will.  Each family member has their own reason to believe they’ll receive the bulk of Byron’s estate, but the family soon finds out that the deceased didn’t think much of them.  Instead of naming an heir, Byron instead condensed his fortune into one mysterious object and left it to...  whoever finds it first! 

Before greedy family members are able to put together individual plans of their own, the mansion is overrun by a horde of strangers seeking shelter from the storm.  And once the strangers find out about the hidden treasure, they soon join in the hunt.

Who will find the treasure first?  Byron’s spoiled, self-serving family members?  The bickering trio of ghost hunters?  The nosy news team?  Or the busload of obnoxious tourists?  Loaded with small parts and several small-cast, comical vignettes, this madcap mystery gives every actor a chance to be part of the madness!

Pic Stephanie.jpg

Stephanie Hoerth


Performance Dates: August 3 and 4

[The Pembroke family]

Gerald - Brandon Winter

Judith - Emme Mckibben

Pansy - Sarah Panzer

Russell - Malaki Graf

Abigail - Abrietta Hartjes

Grandmama - Natalie Kleckner

[The Pembroke Estate Staff]

Lorraine - Dana Tritz

Hobson - Ethan Nyirongo


[The Superfans]

Harriet - Dawn Freeberg

George - Matthew Brier


[The Ghost Hunters]

Norah - Katherine Duerr

Ian - Corbin Kandler

Myrtle - Olivia Allworden


[The Burglars]

Snake - Coen Swanson

Joey - Charlie Shaw


[The TV News Team]

Katie - Carli Swan

Drew - Phoebe Lager

Alex - Alayna Kliewer


[The Thespians]

Wesley - Austin Franz

Devon - Adelena Hartjes

Caitlyn - Eden Hahn

Trent - Westen Swanson

Florence - Khloe Maleport

[The Family]

Billy - Harry Ruesch

Dad - Everett Swanson

Mom - Alayna Sparkes


​[The Tourists]

Ivy - Rose Paul

Barbara - Kadence Felch

Vickie - Trinity Peckham

Oona - Freya Wesolek

Wanda - Khayla Peckham


Julia Doebereiner

 Jaxon Jensen,

Audrey Diggles

Elijah Nyirongo

[The Cheerleaders]

Yolanda - Sullie Schultz

Erin - Mia Sievers

Quinn - Quinn Goodness

Charlene - Imogene Schultz

Krystal - Aybree Michels


Margot Ruesch,

Willow Mann

Hailey Diggles

Chloe Carrell

[The Police Officers]

Morales - Peter Swanson

Kowalski - Ellery Shaw


Zorina - Cari LaCour

Mystery Guest - Jason Doeberiener

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