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WRCT 50 years

Our Summer 2024 Youth Production:


The Musical

Performance Dates: July 11–13


Disney's Newsies JR. is a 60-minute version of the 2012 Broadway musical, based on the 1992 film. Inspired by the rousing true story of newsboys in turn-of-the-century New York City, Newsies JR. features a Tony Award-winning score by Alan Menken and Jack Feldman and a book by Tony Award winner Harvey Fierstein.


When powerful newspaper publishers raise prices at the newsboys' expense, the charismatic Jack Kelly rallies newsies from across the city to strike against the unfair conditions. Together, the newsies learn that they are stronger united and create a movement to fight for what's right.


Including the now-classic songs "Carrying the Banner," "Seize the Day," and "Santa Fe," Newsies JR. is a timeless story full of spirit and heart.

Gretchen Powers

Gretchen Powers

WRCT Executive Director

and Director of Newsies Jr.

Sue Becker

Sue Becker

Musical Director 
of Newsies Jr.

Extra, Extra, Read all about it!


We had a record breaking turnout for auditions this year! There were so many kids ranging from early  elementary school to high school. We are proud to say we could have cast this show in many different combinations, but the list below is what is best for the overall vision of the whole show.


Thank you to everyone who gave it their all, sang their hearts out, and showed us your dance moves. Every part is important no matter what you are! The ensemble is broken down in a general list but it is likely that kids will be split up and put in a few other dance numbers to give ample stage time. This will be determined at rehearsals based on the need for the number of kids in that piece.

Performance dates: July 11th through July 13th


Jack -  Austin Franz

Davey - Jackson Dewitt

Katherine - Cami Errami

Medda - Phoebe Lager

Snyder - Charlie Shaw

Crutchie - Amethyst Smith

Race  -Dayde Tebo

Les - Dexter Dewitt

Albert - Michael Straub-Robinson

Buttons - Zoey Kandler

Hazel - Mia Dhein

Jojo - Layla Silber

Muriel - Katherine Duerr

Nancy - Delayna Zvolena

Pigtails - Abigail Barnett

Romeo - Lexi Heinrich

Specs - Harry Ruesch

Tommy Boy - Aaron Jacoby (plus Bill)

Scab 1 - (Higher Class newsies)-Sawyer Lawry

Scab 2 - Roland Keen

Scab 3 - Finley Myszka

Morris Delancy - Malaki Graf

Oscar Delancy - Jason Doebereiner

Darcy - Julia Doebereiner (plus Brooklyn Newsie)

Wiesel - Corbin Kandler

Pulitzer - Coen Swanson

Bunsen - Liam Krause

Seitz - Peter Swanson

Hannah - Elizabeth Wettern

Pat - Lillie Torke (plus newsie)

Spot Conlon - Trinity Peckham (plus Police Chief)

Dorothy - Carol Korte (plus Newsie)

Governor Roosevelt - Ellery Shaw (plus Newsie)


Newsie -  Drucilla Straub-Robinson

Newsie - Daenerys Rowan

Newsie - Isaac Lager

Newsie - Marilyn Gildenzopf

Newsie - Khayla Peckham (plus Police)

Newsie - Olivia Gomez

Newsie - Sidney Kruzitski

Newsie - Brooke Michels

Ada/Bowery Brigade Girls - Kyree McMahon

Ethel/Bowery Brigade - Kylee Michels

Olive/Bowery Brigade - Max Olson

Bowery Brigade Girls - Theophanie Cepanica

Bowery Brigade - Shaylee Baltire

Bowery Brigade - Kaydence Felch

Bowery Brigade - Emma Web

Bowery Brigrade - Caelan Wettern

Brooklyn Newsie - Mikayla Addis

Brooklyn Newsie - Norah King

Brooklyn Newsie - Kinzie Olinyk

Brooklyn Newsie - Aryanna DeVivo

Brooklyn Newsie - Espen McMahon

Brooklyn Newsie - Ryker Schultz

Brooklyn Newsie - Emily Mason

Brooklyn Newsie - Christopher Mclean

Brooklyn Newsie - Jordan Krotzman Police

Working Children - Clara Steckler

Working Children - Lilyanna Ryszka

Working Children - Charlene Straub Robinson

Working Children - Kylee Gomez

Working Children - Uriah Aguilar

Working Children - Daenerys Aguilar

Working Children- Aybree Michels

Working Children - John Dusterdeck

Working Children - Lullaby Stearns

Working Children - Lexie Schmidt

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