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Timothy James Young, Executive Director, has been with WRCT since October 2019. Timothy has been in sales/marketing and general management since 1993. Timothy is passionate about building relationships and has a natural desire to create comfortable, creative, and interactive environments that produce results. As a general manager he was entrusted to turn around the culture and improve relationships at several market centers across the Midwest. Timothy has been an active mobile DJ/entertainer since 1991, performing as master of ceremonies at more than 1,000 events with up to 2,000 people in attendance. In 2013, he was introduced to the wonderful world of community theatre. Timothy has since worked on productions with nine different theatre companies throughout the state, including being cast as the lead actor of a world premiere comedic production on the stage of Wisconsin’s historic Grand Opera House.

Wisconsin Rapids Community Theatre
220 3rd Avenue South, Suite #6
Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54495


Office Hours: Tuesday-Friday
10:00 am-2:00 pm

or by appointment

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