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Join us at wrct 

WRCT 50 years

Without you, there is no us!

WRCT is fortunate to be a community theatre run by one full-time staff member, nine board members, and many other part-time artists. This means we have the luxury of providing full training to brand-new participants. We work alongside you, supporting whatever you need, so you never feel overwhelmed. You can step forward to tackle something you are interested in, without already having experience.  

WRCT is always looking for new participants.

PRODUCER (Production Manager)

is looking for a

for the 2024-2025 Mainstage Season

Please contact Executive Director Gretchen Powers for more information.
Please apply
by July 5

We have productions for actors of all ages! 

Production crews:

Anyone who would like to work on a WRCT production is invited to show up for auditions, or contact the Executive Director to volunteer. We need volunteers to help with the following:



WRCT is more than happy to train people to do these tasks.

  • Hospitality managers

  • Ushers

  • Bartenders/concessions.

Facility and Office Volunteers

  • Help with mailings

  • Box office ticket system

  • General cleaning

  • Set-up and facility upkeep. 

Production Managers, Directors, Stage Managers* 

*(Experience and qualifications are required)


Interested? Fill out the form below.


Questions? Contact Gretchen at

Actors onstage

I enjoy so many aspects for being involved in WRCT! From acting to working the concessions area! I love working with people!

- Deb Ciszewski

Volunteering for community theatre is entertaining! As an actor, usher, bartender and crew member, I've made lifelong friends with wonderful people. 

- Mystique Macomber

Volunteer Form

Thank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer with WRCT!

Please complete the following form for any job which you'd like to try.

Your Contact information:

What is you age group?
Are you retired?
Best way to contact you

What are you interested in doing?


How would you like to perform?
Leadership jobs

(These jobs require experience):

Which leader job(s) would you like to do?

PLEASE NOTE: If you have selected Director as a choice, please go to the Direct with WRCT page and complete the form for Director.

Backstage/off stage:

Which backstage job(s) would you like to do?


Which hospitality job(s) would you like to do?
WRCT Board of Directors

Facility & Office Volunteers:

Which facility/office job(s) would you like to do?
Thank you for submitting your application. Someone will contact you when we need your help. We look forward to working with you!
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